Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Malignant vs. Benign Neoplasm

Terms malignant and benign are used to describe two different types of cells that can invade our bodies. What do these words mean? A lot of people would say that malignant is cancer, and they are correct, others will say that malignant can be deadly, they are correct too. Some people will say that benign is not deadly, this is only partially true. If you or your loved one has benign neoplasm, don’t take too long to treat it. It is not as dangerous as malignant, but it CAN kill. It is very important to treat benign neoplasm and do everything possible to prevent future tumors. If person got benign, he or she might have gotten malignant just as easily. Do not let your body down, protect it from cancer.

Benign cells are closer in structure to the cells they originated from, so benign breast cell will look somewhat like a healthy breast cell. Benign cell are growing slow and don’t require too much nutrients. They are localized, meaning they will not spread from the kidney and into the brain; this neoplasm will stay in the kidney. It does not spread by metastasis. It normally doesn’t cause tissue damage or interferes with vital organ function. Location of the neoplasm, however might change this, if it is located next to a large artery, this artery might be pressed on by the cells of benign neoplasm and cut off the circulation. This can not only cause tissue damage, but can block blood supply to vital body organs.

Malignant neoplasm are much more life threatening. Cells are very different from the original cells from which they mutated. How fast it growth depends on the tumor itself, where it is, what tissue it originated from and how much it will be allowed to grow. These tumors use blood supply to get more nutrients to grow. Once tumor outgrows the amount of blood it can get, it starts spreading to other tissues using blood vessels and lymph vessels. These tumors hurt body in many ways, one of the most visible is malnourishment. Cancer cells require a lot of energy and nutrients to reproduce. Where can cancer cells get all this nutrients? They steel it from our healthy cells. Cancerous tissue can create new capillaries which will bring blood straight to the enemy and feed it until it is able to kill the whole body. Cancer patients can grow thiner and weaker in a matter of days when cancer is able to take what it wants. People who eat the same amounts of food as they used to before they got cancer, can starve to death. Proper diet is especially important when fighting cancer.

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