Saturday, January 31, 2009


It is no secret that cancer is one of the most lethal diseases out there. People can get cancer of almost any organ there is in our body. Cancer can effect appendics, eyelid, eardrum and so on. Every type of cancer is different in the way it affects the body, but causes of cancer are very similar.

Three main things that effect chances of getting cancer: tissue damage, cancer causing chemical in the body (carcerogenic agents) and immune system. The more body tissue is damaged, the more cells have to regenerate. Every time a new cell is made, there is a chance that this cell will be cancerous. Cancerogenic agents are increasing these chances by increasing cell mutation rate. There are cells in the body that can kill these cancerous cells. These cells are called natural killer cells (NK cells) and they are one of the types of white blood cells.

Some of the things that can increase your chances of getting cancer are: sun, plastic, medications, artificial sweeteners, car fumes, power lines, stress, car accidents, aids, age, and so many more.

There is no way we can avoid all carcinogens while living in modern society. How can one prevent cancer? There are many supplements that can increase the amount of natural killer cells. Many of these supplements can help treat other health issues so why not enjoy the little extra boost for immune system?

What can be done for someone who already has cancer? Increasing natural killer cell count wouldn’t hurt, but at this point it’s simply not enough. Surgery is the main treatment. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy might be needed if cancer started spreading. I personally prefer radiation therapy, it can damage tissue other then cancerous, it is impossible to target only one type of cells after all. Chemotherapy however is much more dangerous for the whole body. Chemotherapy prevents cell formation, cancer cells as well as other body cells. Since cancer cells reproduce rapidly, they are affected greatly. Blood cells, however, are produced by our body at all times as these cells have a relatively short life spam. Chemotherapy decreases blood cell production, including cells that target cancer cells. I strongly recommend getting supplements that will boost immune system, especially NK cell production. One of such supplements is cordyceps. I have used New Chapter Organic brand cordyceps, and not only that they increase NK cell activity by up to 230%, they can help regenerate damaged tissue and give that extra energy needed in modern life.